Brambrink Hompage
Last update 23.8.2006
by erik@brambrink.de

Well, here they are: The pages about 10 crazy weeks in the middle of nowhere, to be exact: In Archamps. It were nice weeks, and in this short time a lot of things happened.

It was a school about accelerators, so we visited a lot of accelerators. I hope they all survived our visit.

But we also used this chance to visit the cities around Archamps. (For all who don't know: Archamps is 10 km in the south of Geneva on the french side). The landscape there was very interesting, too.

There are also a lot of pictures of the paticipants, and the way we worked and lived there.

And of course there is a nice gallery of snapshots. You can choose if you watch them for amuesement or if you save them for blackmailing ;-) For all,who visit this page and didn't participate, one remark: Even if it looks like, not all physicists are completely crazy. Only a little bit.