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Last update 23.8.2006
by erik@brambrink.de

As I already wrote in my CV, I studied physics at the Darmstadt University of Technology. If you consider to study also physics, I can strongly encourage you to do so. Beside of interesting studies you will obtain a broad education which opens job possibilities in various fields.

If you study already physics I recommend you to join as early as possible the research groups to get an impression about the real work, which is somehow different from the basics you learn during your studies. A nice possibilites are also the summer student programs, which are offered by most of the national (and european) laboratories.

One of them is the Joint University Accelerator School, a 10 week course about particle acceleraor physics and technology. Beside improving your skills in this field, which is not covered by most of the university studies, you will meet people from various countries. Beside of language practice you can also have a lot of fun, as this report will show you.